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You are planning a trip to Vietnam and are having difficulties deciding where to go and what to do, what you cannot miss and what to skip. From the feedbacks of our customers, Vietnam Spirit Travel would like to recommend some activities considered by travellers as must-do's when you are in Vietnam....

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Quan Ba - heaven gates



Quan Ba is a mountain district of Ha Giang province with 3 communes bordering China frontier. At an elevation of 1000 m above the sea level, topography is divided, surrounded by rivers, sheer mountains, deep abyss and dispersed population. The climate is divided into 2 distinct seasons: rainy season and dry season.

From Ha Giang town about 46km, over the cloudy heaven gates travellers will reach Quan Ba, the beginning of the endless range of the Dong Van rock plateau with forests of innumerable cat-ear stones. Quan Ba is refered as a Da Lat city of Ha Giang, the climate is fresh and cool, suitable of intensive farming of vegetables, flowers. In addition, the district has natural attractions such as: Cong Troi (Heaven Gates), Co Tien (Fairy) Mountain... and the cultural identity of ethnic minority groups Hmong, Dzao, Tay, Pu Y. .. The featured products such as corn wine Thanh Van, cardamom ... The visitors will also be very surprised with the dramatic rise of human life on the rocky plateau Dong Van. You can also ask people who have experience in rice planting, sowing the seeds ... and will certainly see the difference.

Also here, visitors will enjoy local culinary specialties, listening folk songs of ethnicity living in the Quan Ba and take a tour into the villages nearby







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